Q - Why Cherry Blossom?

A – We are not a wedding fabric decoration , we actually care about you for that reason we take all the time and with a lot of patience we create special and unique decorations only for a day

Q – Do we have a catalogue?

A – We don’t have a catalogue, We have tons of ideas as you will never see the same arrangement in other event but we have Pictures from other weedings as a reference.

Q – How i’m going to be assisted?

A -  We have plenty time to listen your ideas and we can keep in touch in Skype, e mail or telephone 25 hours a day, but no weekends.

Q – How do I secure my order?

A – It’s necessary a deposit for the 50% of the amount  3 months in advance and the rest 15 days before the event.

Q – Where do i start?

A – First of all you have to share with us yor favorite colours and choose and idea from our different events or even if you have Pictures. Please send us all information as possible the more better.

Q – What is the difference between Cherry Blossom and the Packaged from my all inclusive hotel is offering?

A -  Quality in flowers and material plus we can make everything that you need from sew a button until build a full stage

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Skype: cherryblossommexico
E-mail: sales@cherryblossom.com.mx