Blooming the Art in your senses

Cherry Blossom is a formally well-known and established company in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, with experience and training in all kind of event planning and decoration, even so; it has early won credibility and is already a reference for those seeking to decorate their events with elegance and style.

Our company has emphasized on designing to be at vanguard, adopting new trends and always adapting ideas and preferences for our clients, creating unique and fresh environments, offering new proposals for local as well as for international markets. It is the most complete choice in decoration.

We will personally watch for every detail from beginning to end, without limitations or restrictions of time, offering customers professional advice regarding decoration, therefore guaranteeing the entire satisfaction and realization of all our client's dreams.

Cherry Blossom is not a festivity factory; it imprints its seal to each celebration and it will be an honor to celebrate with you.

"Make the magic bloom"

Juliette and Sandra

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Skype: cherryblossommexico