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About Us

Thank you for choosing us! It is a pleasure to take this opportunity to draw a smile on your face and shine on stage in this special perfect day.

Cherry Blossom´s main purpose is to provide you professional assistance, willing to devote all time to listen your requirements and especially your ideas, we believe that every wedding and every event should be different and unique that is why we don’t make decorations in series, we started from the spontaneous, natural and fun. Together, we can create unique designs with your personal seal and taste.

Our catalog is based on genius ideas! Ideas from Brides, mothers, sisters, wedding coordinators, Bridesmaids, business executives, companies, etc.


Our Mission is to have a chance to tell your story through the elegance and freshness of our creations highlighting the perfection of nature, always expressing your feelings and ideas in the most important day of your life; that is also ours.


The sight of cherry blossom is to listen and work together to enjoy this unique service experience with the service that characterizes us as the most exclusive event-decoration business, based on the advice of our artists using great materials and high quality beautiful flowers.

What our clients say


Cherry Blossom Florist

My flowers were absolutely everything I ever dreamed of. I couldn't of asked for anything more. Always accommodating, very repsonsive via email!
Thank you for making my day beautiful!

Fallon Titon
Wedding: 06/23/2017

Some of your questions


Q:What kind of flowers are localy produced?
Quintana Roo has this spectacular caribbean warm weather and rocky arid land so very few floral crops are produced. However all our extense flowers´varieties are grown in other cities in the country and we bring them through our suppliers to our city area.
Q:Do you have any floral packages?
We have something better than a package, we do have an online catalog which is perfectly divided in categories because all our weddings are specially designed and customized , we like to go beyond a package since we take care of each single detail you are looking for so we will gladly provide you all assistance during all quoting process.
Q:How do I guarantee the services for my wedding / event day?
We request for an initial payment during the quoting process which is based on an estimate of the 30% of the actual quote. Final payment has to be completed one month before the wedding day.
Q:Which is the best option to contact you and get a prompt reply?
We like to provide fast response according to our schedule and yes we have different ways to contact us but definitely by email is the most efficient, the more information you provide us (exact wedding day, location, number of guests etc.) the best prices and information we can provide you.
Q:Accepted Payment Methods?
Western Union / Money Gram
Bank ( international bank transfers )