Quintana Roo has this spectacular caribbean warm weather and rocky arid land so a very few flower crops are locally produced . However all our extensive flowers ́varieties are grown in other cities in the country and we bring them through our suppliers to our city area.

We have something better than a package, we do have an online catalog which is perfectly divided into categories because most of our weddings are specially designed and customized , we love to go beyond a package since we take care of each single detail you are looking for so we will gladly provide you all assistance during all quoting process

We request an initial payment during the quoting process which is based on an estimate of the 30% of the actual quote. Final payment has to be completed one month before the wedding day.

We like to provide fast response according to our schedule and yes we have different ways to contact us but email contact is the most efficient, the more information you provide us (exact wedding day, location, number of guests etc.) the best prices and assistance we can provide you.

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